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About Brave Smart and Beautiful Communicating with Teen DaughtersAbout Brave, Smart and Beautiful- Communicating with Teen Daughters

Would you like to build a stronger bond and have deep, honest communication with your teen daughter? “Mothers and teen daughters seeing eye to eye,” is a phrase not usually said in the same sentence.

Moms, “how many times do we wish we had reacted differently to a situation?” I know I have many times. How can we come up with the Band-Aids that make all our daughters woes feel better? Raising daughters is an awesome responsibility. I consider it to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever known. How can we let them know we are always in their corner?

Each of us has to determine for ourselves what the goals are in raising our teens. I chose to help my daughters become independent, caring, self-respecting, responsible, loving, and (most of all) happy.

We can all feel overwhelmed at times. I invite you to read, Brave Smart and Beautiful, Communicating with Teen Daughters. My hopes are that you enjoy reading my book, have a few laughs and a few Ah-ha moments. Whatever gems we find that assist in building better communication with our daughters are of value. When our daughters become Mothers of their own daughters, my hope is that some of the experiences and memories they share with us will be what they use as a foundation to build a strong loving bond and relationship with their daughters.


Looking an adult in the eye while communicating her thoughts is a very impressive habit, a habit we should always encourage. It will set them apart in a positive way from other girls. Especially when going to school or to job interviews, using eye-to- eye contact will convey confidence and get the adults’ attention as well as making a positive impression.

In order to help develop good communication skills, a great idea is to encourage our daughters to take a J.R.O.T.C. class (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp) or a debate class in school. Usually the high schools offer both. There are also some leadership classes for teens that can help build confidence and growth in communication as well.

My husband and I encouraged one of our daughters to join the JROTC program in their public middle school and in high school. After looking at the curriculum, we realized it was not necessarily about the military, it was about leadership. JROTC programs teach discipline and positive thinking that every student can benefit from. READ MORE 


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About Brave Smart and Beautiful Communicating with Teen Daughters

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This book is a must-read for all parents. Diane Grant brings her expertise as a mother, step-mother, and grandmother to life as she shares her home-grown wisdom with all of us. Her sensitive and loving message to all daughters is based upon building a positive relationship with them by incorporating a solid foundation of trust, value-based guidelines, unconditional love, and a positive attitude about life in general. Her heart-felt and time-tested approach will be helpful to anyone who lives or works with adolescent girls. – Judy Dempsey, Head of School, Summit-Questa Montessori School, Author of Turning Education Inside-Out


Brave Smart and Beautiful, Communicating with Teen Daughters is the book that will change your relationship with your teenage daughter. It’s a book every parent should read, even before their daughter becomes a teenager. I love the conversational tone and the common sense approach to parenting. Diane shares her expertise as a mother and step‐mom with vivid examples and direction that will empower you to strengthen the bonds of your Mother‐Daughter relationship. This book offers you hope, encouragement and the opportunity to develop honest, open communication with your teen daughter. – Kristi Krueger, Television Anchor & Medical Reporter


As a mom to two young adult daughters, I have lived through the many ups and downs of raising teenage daughters (and one son), and the fun continues even today! There are so many challenges with raising daughters! As the former CEO of a Girl Scout Council I worked, directly and indirectly, with thousands of girls throughout their teenage years. Oh, the stories I could tell! With all of these experiences, I learned something new and I thought I had a pretty good handle on the good and bad ways to raise our girls. Much to my surprise, there were so many wonderful, helpful ideas I learned in Brave Smart and Beautiful. Some I never thought of. Some I had forgotten about. Some I kind of knew but didn’t realize how very important and impactful they could be.

There is no instruction manual that comes with our children when they are born. We need to learn from others who have been there. Diane Grant has been through so much through her own teen years and in raising her daughters. Brave Smart and Beautiful is her wonderful, thoughtful reflection of those years, and the many things she learned that helped to turn the most challenging situations into opportunities to strengthen her relationships with her own daughters. Brave Smart and Beautiful is not filled with psychological theory or therapeutic techniques. It is filled with real life experiences, challenges, lessons and mostly easy to use ideas that will make an

incredible difference in the relationship between a mother and her daughter. My recommendation is that you not read through it quickly as if it is a novel. Take it slow, take it in, one chapter at a time. Think about it and let it sink in. Then use it to improve the relationship you have with your daughter(s).

Even though my daughters are no longer teenagers, I have taken a number of ideas from this book that I plan to use to enhance my relationship with my girls. I can’t wait to see the results! I encourage you to join me on this journey to raise our daughters to become the most Brave Smart and Beautiful women they can be! – Susanne D. Kuligowski, Mother of three awesome kids!, President and CEO, ARI of CT, Inc., Former CEO, The Girl Scout Council of Southwestern CT, Inc.



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