CLIQUING OUT – Inclusivity and Embracing Our Differences

"CLIQUING OUT - Inclusivity and Embracing Our Differences"With kids and teens it’s common that they develop clicks. They turn to their peers for friendship, guidance and acceptance. When teens have a lot in common they click. The problem is when the group that clicks, becomes a “clique”.

A clique is a small, exclusive group of people; with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them.

Feeding into the power and making others feel excluded is when the clique takes on a life of its own and at the expense of their own individuality.

Diane brings to light that adults create these cliques as well. Usually not intentionally, but these cliques have the same negative impact in the workplace, within organizations, and communities. When these cliques develop it’s as if a cancer is growing within an organization. The feeding into the clique makes it stronger. People feel as if they are somehow better or smarter just because they belong to a certain clique.

"CLIQUING OUT - Inclusivity and Embracing Our Differences"Understanding how to breakthrough these cliques, changing the direction and thinking behind them into becoming inclusive and supportive of one another. It’s vital to embrace our differences taking the opportunity to learn from people who come from different perspectives, cultures and backgrounds.

Diane assists you in creating a group that “Clicks”, a welcoming, inclusive, supportive and respectful environment within your company or organization. Encouraging inclusivity while “Cliquing Out”, is the key to your success.


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