Mothers and Daughters

Brave Smart and Beautiful, Communicating with Teen Daughters

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Brave: Having the confidence to try new things, even though she may be scared. Finding the courage to do the right thing.

Smart: Being able to think through situations and make intelligent decisions. Recognize the strength and abilities she brings to the table.

Beautiful: Capturing the spirit from within that allows everyone to see her beauty from the inside out.

Describing the qualities I wanted to develop within my daughters gave me the title of my first book. How would you like to build a stronger bond and have deep, honest communication with your teen daughter? How many times do we wish we had reacted differently to a situation? Raising daughters is an awesome responsibility. They weren’t born with guide maps yet Diane can assist in navigating you through their teen years.

Do you sometimes feel as if you are up against a brick wall with no way of tunneling through? Desperately wanting to come up with the words and actions to help your daughter mature into the young lady you know she has the potential to become.

"Diane Grant Communicating with Teenage Daughters"Each of us has to determine for ourselves what the goals are in raising our teens. Rest assured many of us have the same goals. It’s crucial that we don’t always prevent them from falling, if we do they will not know how to get up after they do inevitably fall.

Our teenagers are only teens for a short time. Although it may seem like an eternity, the time passes so quickly. Let’s make it an amazing experience for everyone.

This informative talk will have you agreeing, shaking your head and making light of some of the frustration you have built up when disciplining your teen daughter. It’s an awakening that you are not the only one having trouble communicating with your teens. Taking a step back to remember what went through your head as a teen and how you wished your Mom could only understand you.

Just because they may be able to drive doesn’t mean we give up the responsibility to steer them in the right direction. With our love, support and encouragement the world will come to know our daughters as Brave, Smart and Beautiful inside and out.

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