STEPPING IN – Step-Parenting Everyone’s Included


"STEPPING IN - Everyone's Included"A study done in 2011 found that over 42% of adults in America have a step relationship, either have a step-parent, have step-siblings, or are step-parents themselves. That’s a staggering number, one that continues to grow.

When we were younger and dreamed of starting a family we probably didn’t plan on being a step- parent. Yet many of us find ourselves in step-families.

As you probably know combining families isn’t always smooth sailing. There are a lot of things to take into consideration most of all the children, regardless of their ages, the children didn’t ask to be in this situation.

Diane has suggestions on how to better prepare yourself to be a step-parent. She offers insight from both ends as a step-child and step-parent. “Suck it up cupcake”, you may have to be the one who continues to extend efforts with your step-children, having patience, understanding and a determined outlook will help blend your brood.

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