Teen Empowerment

SOARING FOR GIRLS – Developing Future Leaders


"Soaring 4 Girls: Developing future leaders"During the later years of high school, many teen girls start to feel the pressures and fears that go along with growing up. Diane helps to identify their fears while offering guidance and understanding. Rather than focusing their attention on the immense task of planning their entire future, she breaks it down and directs the focus to a step by step approach.

Helping the girls to understand they don’t have to have all of the answers at once. As they create their plan whether it be attending college or a career; the better prepared and knowledgeable they will be to face their future.

Helping the girls recognize their strengths and their accomplishments will be a starting place on gaining confidence to soar through their future taking it one flight at a time.

This talk will have your teens empowered, prepared and ready to create their future.

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