Here is a brief overview of the topics I present. Click on individual titles for more in-depth details on each program.


Mother/Daughter Communications

Brave Smart and Beautiful, Communicating with Teen Daughters

This informative talk will have you agreeing, shaking your head and making light of some of the frustration you have built up when disciplining your teen daughter. It’s an awakening that you are not the only one having trouble communicating with your teens. Taking a step back to remember what went through your head as a teen and how you wished your Mom could only understand you. LEARN MORE

Teen Empowerment

“SOARING FOR GIRLS”,  Developing Future Leaders

Helping the girls recognize their strengths and their accomplishments will be a starting place on gaining confidence to soar through their future taking it one flight at a time. LEARN MORE


“CLIQUING OUT”,  Inclusivity and Embracing Our Differences

Diane assists you in creating a group that “Clicks”, a welcoming, inclusive, supportive and respectful environment within your company or organization. Encouraging inclusivity while “Cliquing Out”, is the key to your success. LEARN MORE


“STEPPING IN”, Step parenting, Everyone is Included

Combining families isn’t always smooth sailing. There are a lot of things to take into consideration most of all the children, regardless of their ages, the children didn’t ask to be in this situation. Diane has suggestions on how to better prepare yourself to be a step-parent. She offers insight from both ends as a step-child and step-parent. LEARN MORE

Parenting (Ages 1-6)

“LITTLE WONDERS”,  Creating Happy, Connected, Confident Kids

How do we keep our kids Happy, Connected, and Confident? There is a balance that’s not always easy to find. It’s our responsibility as parents to encourage, communicate, and develop independent wonders without burning our kids out. The keys shared by Diane in this informative talk will help parents empower your little wonders to be Happy, Connected and Confident. LEARN MORE

Pregnant Teens

“LOVING MYSELF and MY CHILD”,  Building Confidence While Preparing for Motherhood

The teen years are full of so many unexpected joys. Pregnancy is usually not a planned one.Diane helps the teen Mother understand the responsibility that is upon her, some of the changes the mother will go through. Diane empowers the teen Mom to prepare herself to be a positive role model for her child. Learning to make decisions that will be in the best interest of herself and child. LEARN MORE


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