Parenting (Ages 1-6)

LITTLE WONDERS – Creating Happy, Connected, Confident Kids

"LITTLE WONDERS - Creating Happy, Connected, Confident Kids"

Do you feel as if you have been riding a roller coaster since your child could walk? Ever hear an older person comment “My son or daughter would never act this way”, “Kids today are so spoiled and have no respect”?

I’ve been a parent for over 30 years and I have heard these comments many times. The fact is that kids misbehave, whether it was 40 years ago or 4 years ago. Kids these days have many benefits yet a lot more stressful life that I ever did. There is so much stimulation between computers, busy schedules, working parents. It’s a wonder that kids don’t always act out.

Yes, the world has changed, but as parents we still want what’s best for our children.

How do we keep our kids Happy, Connected, and Confident? There is a balance that’s not always easy to find. It’s our responsibility as parents to encourage, communicate, and develop independent wonders without burning our kids out.

The keys shared by Diane in this informative talk will help parents empower your little wonders to be Happy, Connected and Confident.

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