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Brave Smart and Beautiful will help you better communicate; creating a foundation to build a strong loving bond and relationship with your teenage daughters.

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About Brave, Smart and Beautiful – Communicating with Teen Daughters

Would you like to build a stronger bond and have deep, honest communication with your teen daughter? “Mothers and teen daughters seeing eye to eye,” is a phrase not usually said in the same sentence.

Moms, “how many times do we wish we had reacted differently to a situation?” I know I have many times. How can we come up with the Band-Aids that make all our daughters woes feel better? Raising daughters is an awesome responsibility. I consider it to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever known. How can we let them know we are always in their corner?

Each of us has to determine for ourselves what the goals are in raising our teens. I chose to help my daughters become independent, caring, self-respecting, responsible, loving, and (most of all) happy.

We can all feel overwhelmed at times. I invite you to read, Brave Smart and Beautiful, Communicating with Teen Daughters. My hopes are that you enjoy reading my book, have a few laughs and a few Ah-ha moments. Whatever gems we find that assist in building better communication with our daughters are of value. When our daughters become Mothers of their own daughters, my hope is that some of the experiences and memories they share with us will be what they use as a foundation to build a strong loving bond and relationship with their daughters.

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