Diane Grant, Author, Speaker, Parenting Expert Penned New Book: Brave Smart and Beautiful Communicating With Teen Daughters

“Brave Smart and Beautiful, Communicating with Teen Daughters is the book that will change your relationship with your teenage daughter. It’s a book every parent should read, even before their daughter becomes a teenager.” – Kristi Krueger, Television Anchor & Medical Reporter

dianeGrantwithBookFort Lauderdale, FL (August 8, 2016) Would you like to build a stronger bond and have deep, honest communication with your teen daughter? “Mothers and teen daughters seeing eye to eye,” is a phrase not usually said in the same sentence.  Diane Grant author of the new book Brave Smart and Beautiful Communicating with Teen Daughters has outlined a process to help mothers and teen daughters do just that. See eye to eye.

According to Diane: “Amazing accomplishments come from girls who are confident, who love and respect themselves and who have strong, empowering role models to help guide them through the difficulties of teen years. Who better to be that role model, than their Mothers? As Mothers we have an awesome power to positively influence our daughters.”

“Brave Smart and Beautiful, Communicating with Teen Daughters”, is written in an informative way to help build a foundation of love, trust, and positive relationships with Mothers and Teen Daughters. Brave Smart and Beautiful will help you better communicate; creating a foundation to build a strong loving bond and relationship with your teenage daughters.

Judy Dempsey, Head of School, Summit-Questa Montessori School, Author ofTurning Education Inside-Out says about Brave Smart and Beautiful: “..This book is a must-read for all parents. Diane Grant brings her expertise as a mother, step-mother, and grandmother to life as she shares her home-grown wisdom with all of us….”

“Brave Smart and Beautiful is not filled with psychological theory or therapeutic techniques. It is filled with real life experiences, challenges, lessons and mostly easy to use ideas that will make an incredible difference in the relationship between a mother and her daughter…” says Susanne D. Kuligowski, Mother of three awesome kids!, President and CEO, ARI of CT, Inc., Former CEO, The Girl Scout Council of Southwestern CT, Inc.

About Diane Grant: Diane is the author of Brave Smart and Beautiful Communicating with Teen Daughters.  She is also a speaker, parenting coach, wife, mother of 6 and business owner. In her book, Diane shares her funny and compelling stories as a powerful Call to Action to raise confident accomplished girls. To read Diane’s Story, visit https://www.bravesmartandbeautiful.com//about-diane/

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